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How Sasser Restoration Uses Restoration Technologies to Bring Your Building Back to Life

With each passing day, we have the opportunity to improve. James Clear, author of Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones, said, “getting one percent better every day counts for a lot in the long-run.”

In the restoration industry, we get 1% better by improving a process, streamlining communication, utilizing new technologies, enhancing training opportunities and furthering education about proper mitigation and restoration. 

When your home or business has sustained extensive water damage, mold damage, fire damage or is facing a threatening storm, you want to know that the restoration company you choose is staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest. 

Take a look at three technologies within the restoration industry and how they are used to help bring buildings back to life. 

Encircle’s Floor Plan App 

Encircle is a field documentation tool that restorers use in the field to store photos, make project notes, communicate with teammates, and more throughout the duration of the project. One of Encircle’s latest features is its Floor Plan App. 

Encircle’s Floor Plan App allows restorers to “scan a loss in just minutes within Encircle, and receive professional schematic floor plans the same day” (R&R Magazine). This new feature increases efficiency and is accessible to everyone on the job.

“Using the Encircle Floor Plan feature, there’s no need for restorers to spend hours measuring and sketching by hand, no need to purchase thousands of dollars in camera equipment, and no need to rely on having highly trained staff available to sketch a job,” says Kris Rzesnoski, vice president of Encircle. “Techs can use it on any size job, without any experience at all.” 

Matterport 3D Imaging

While maybe not new in and of itself, Matterport is continuing to enhance the services provided by the restoration industry. The 3D imaging and virtual reality that Matterport provides allow restorers to digitize the building and create an interactive map. 

Through Matterport, restorers can create before, during and after interactive maps to showcase their work, look around every corner and optimize their value add. On average, Matterport has found that its software leads to a 14% increase in sales, a 30% increase in productivity as teams can access the property from anywhere and a 50% decrease in travel time and costs. 

In fact, Phil Rosebrook, Jr. said in the latest edition of C&R Magazine, “3D imaging will continue to enhance estimating, project management, billing, marketing and site verification. If you are not using resources such as DocuSketch or Matterport, you will be left behind as this will become necessary in many areas for restoration contractors.”

Moisture Meters

Moisture meters are used to detect the extent and location of water damage. Each day home water emergencies are affecting 14,000 people throughout the United States with all things from minor plumbing problems to malfunctioning appliances, and flooding due to severe storms (Source: iPropertyManagement).

When moisture mapping, it’s crucial that restorers use accurate technologies like moisture meters to pinpoint the extent of the water damage but also to establish a dry standard. Darren Foote, owner of reminds us that a restorer’s job is not only to dry but also to verify. 

Choosing The Right Restoration Company 

When it comes to researching and choosing the right restoration company, you may have a lot of questions. After all, this is your home or your business that we’re working with, so we understand the importance of choosing the right restoration company.

At Sasser Restoration, we not only search for and hire the best in the business, but we are committed to outstanding customer service through responsiveness, service and quality. Our teams are highly trained, we utilize the best technologies in the business and we do the job right the first time. 

Every time we step onto a job site to bring a building back to life, it’s about more than the job itself. It’s about restoring your life to normalcy, restoring your business operations and restoring what was lost to better than it was before. 

When you’re facing a disaster, Sasser Restoration is a team you can count on to answer the phone and bring your building back to life, 24/7, 365 days a year.