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A Restoration Super Power: Moisture Mapping

Each day home water emergencies are affecting 14,000 people throughout the United States with all things from minor plumbing problems to malfunctioning appliances, and flooding due to severe storms (Source: iPropertyManagement). And when you become one of the 14,000 people whose home endures water damage, the Sasser Restoration team is here to help.  

It’s crucial to act quickly as the water can cause problems to the structural elements, the electrical components as well as the plumbing system. As one of the nation’s leading disaster response teams with one of the best water damage restoration services, Sasser Restoration has the skills and equipment needed to restore your home or business back to its normal state. 

One way we ensure that all of the water has been removed from the structure is through moisture mapping. 

The technology used in moisture mapping, like infrared cameras, moisture meters, and psychometric calculations, allows us to identify areas where the damage is not always visible to the naked eye. It’s one of our superpowers when it comes to water damage restoration, almost a form of x-ray vision (Source: CleanFax). 

Moisture mapping allows us to find where the problem is and understand the extent of the damage. Without proper moisture mapping, you and your home are at risk to the dangers of prolonged water damage such as toxic mold, structural weakening, health risks, pests and more. 

Every surface has a level of “dry” that it needs to be for it to look and function properly, this is what we call the “dry standard.” The IICRC defines a “dry standard” as “a reasonable approximation of the moisture content or level of a material prior to a water intrusion.” (Source: PropertyCasualty) This standard is found by finding unaffected surfaces throughout the building and comparing the difference or by using historical data to determine the appropriate “dry standard.”

Through moisture mapping, our teams are able to find the damage, dry the structure to its proper level, remove any moisture and prevent microbial growth and further damage.

If your home or business has recently suffered water damage due to a burst pipe, leaking roof, severe storm or any other issue, our team is ready to respond 24/7. Sasser Restoration’s teams use the highest quality technologies and strategies to get the job done.