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Why Choose Sasser Restoration For Your Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage is something that threatens every home and business, no matter the location or time of year. Water damage can be a result of a hurricane or it can be the result of a plumbing emergency in your home or business, there’s nowhere you can hide. 

If your home or business does find itself as the victim of water damage, it’s crucial to act quickly as the water can cause problems to the structural elements, the electrical components as well as the plumbing system. When you find yourself in this situation, Sasser Restoration can help. 

As one of the nation’s leading disaster response teams with one of the best water restoration services, Sasser Restoration has the skills and equipment needed to restore your home or business back to its normal state. 

What Are The Categories of Water Damage?

There may be nowhere to hide when it comes to water damage, but there is a difference in the severity of water damage on a case-to-case basis. There are three categories of water damage. 

Category 1— Clean Water Damage

Category 1 is the least severe when it comes to water damage. These incidents are often the cause of a plumbing problem such as a burst pipe or a leaking sink. Although it is the least severe, it should still be handled quickly and appropriately as to not cause more damage. 

Category 2— Gray Water Damage

Gray water damage is more severe than clean water damage and often requires antibacterial and disinfecting services. This water damage is typically from toilets, washing machines, sump pump backups. 

Category 3— Black Water Damage

Black water damage is the most severe category and may involve sewage, floodwaters, or sea/river water. This type of water damage can lead to health risks and typically requires disinfecting services as well as content removal and restoration. 

How Can Sasser Restoration Help With Water Damage Restoration?

After a leak, flood or plumbing emergency in your home or business, you’ll want to ensure that the situation is remediated properly as soon as possible. Calling a large loss restoration company like Sasser Restoration to provide water damage restoration services gives you the peace of mind that your home or business is being treated properly. 

When you call on Sasser Restoration for their water damage restoration services, you can expect the following:

  • Professional water extraction which can reduce the damage to your home or business and help to reduce business operation downtime 
  • Structural and content drying to completely remove all water from the building and to help preserve your belongings 
  • Sewage cleanup and antimicrobial treatments
  • Mold detection and remediation so that you know your family or employees are safe 
  • Overseeing repairs to fully bring your building back to life, including electrical plumbing, or structural 

Why Hire Sasser Restoration for Water Damage Restoration Services?

Water damage restoration deals with some of the things you hold most dear— it’s your home, your business, your family’s health and comfort; these things are precious and Sasesr Restoration understands that. 

Sasser Restoration is IICRC Certified and so are its team members. Additionally, Sasser Restoration is EPA, OSHA, and EI certified amongst a variety of others. These qualifications represent Sasser’s technical knowledge and skills as well as our team’s commitment to offer responsiveness, service and quality to all of our clients.