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Sasser Restoration is a leading disaster response team specializing in commercial fire & smoke, water, and mold restoration and mitigation.



Sasser’s mission is to be the helpers in times of need so that people and communities can restore and rebuild their lives faster. We understand that people, communities, financial responsibility, data and continuous improvements matter. This is why our teams are committed to being the helpers and bringing your building back to life when disaster strikes.


When it comes to fires, storms, water and mold damage, we are the leading disaster response partner for  commercial spaces. We have state-of-the-art equipment, facilities, technology, and experience to respond to restoration jobs of any size. Sasser is trusted among the nation’s largest retailers, working with risk management teams to execute emergency response plans that are built for resilience.


Our Experience

For more than 30 years, Sasser Restoration teams have built their reputation through consistency and a standard of excellence. We have successfully worked with the nation's largest retailers from initial emergency response and mitigation through the final reconstruction phase.

Fleet Size & Capacity

Our team is equipped with an industry leading mobile fleet of emergency response vehicles and command centers ready to go into action at moment's notice anywhere across the country.

Our Equipment

Sasser has an extensive, industry leading inventory of disaster response equipment. With one of the largest inventories in the Southeast, not only are we able to go into action at a moment's notice, we are trusted for unmarked rental equipment to help bolster inventories among partnering restoration companies.


Sasser Recognizes Employees for Core Value Awards

Sasser Recognizes Employees for Core Value Awards

At Sasser Restoration, our core values are a huge part of what makes Sasser a great place to work, and what inspires us to be the helpers in times of need. Our guiding light and daily focus on service, responsiveness, and quality set us apart from others within the...

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Facing the 2023 Hurricane Season

Facing the 2023 Hurricane Season

Natural disasters are powerful forces that can leave devastating impacts in their wake, and hurricanes are no exception. The aftermath of a hurricane often involves widespread destruction, displacements, and emotional distress for those affected.   However,...

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