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Employee Wellness: How Sasser Cares

In the fast-paced society we live in currently, being able to ensure a good work-life balance has become more crucial than ever. As employers and employees work together to ensure that the everyday demands of their job positions are completed, it becomes necessary for employers to start shifting some focus into fostering a work environment that not only encourages productivity, but also the well-being of their most valuable asset—their staff. Sasser Restoration feels strongly about employees receiving the resources and guidance they need to succeed. This blog dives into what Sasser does to ensure that employees feel comfortable and supported to do their jobs and how Sasser contributes to a positive work environment.  

How Employees Benefit at Sasser 

Here at Sasser, we understand that everyone needs some time off to be with family, take a vacation, or just have a wellness day for themselves. Work-life balance is crucial to success in the workplace. To ensure that our employees can take the time they need to attend to their own personal needs, our team offers employees paid time off and flex time off, giving absolute flexibility to our team members. “Sasser helps promote work-life balance, not only by giving the ability to take time off, but by encouraging it. Sasser supports remote work as necessary, ensuring that work responsibilities remain at the workplace and encouraging personal education and development” said Parker Makowski, one of Sasser’s financial analysts. In addition to this, Sasser offers employees benefits—individual and family plans—including health insurance, vision, dental care, life insurance, and more.  

Sasser has even recently improved their benefits package, as they implemented a new paid parental leave policy. This past year, Sasser became one of the first and only restoration companies in North Carolina to be named a Family Forward NC Certified Employer by the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation. This policy will offer some of the best practices for working families and children such as: paid leave, accommodations for pregnant and breastfeeding employees, childcare, health benefits, and scheduling practices. At Sasser Restoration, we not only want you to enjoy being an employee, but we believe that the overall safety and security of you and your family are important.  

In addition to regular benefits, Sasser encourages a positive work environment. We want our team members to come together and build relationships as we believe that building those relationships within’ our team fosters camaraderie, trust, and shared success. For this reason, we often hold team building sessions, team celebrations, and always give recognition to those who serve our core values of service, quality, and responsiveness. Here at Sasser, we firmly believe that recognizing and rewarding our team members inspires not only a sense of pride but will also cultivate a positive and collaborative work environment.  

“Sasser’s leadership team is approachable and supportive. They encourage collaboration and provide guidance when needed. Sasser also provides employee development opportunities, encouraging us to seek out skill development and career growth” says Jason Hayes, Sasser’s Senior Estimator. Sasser Restoration invests in our team by providing skill growth training seminars for project executives, project managers, and our executive leadership team members so that they can better serve clients. We also consistently support our team in attending educational courses to extend their knowledge when it comes to the different services we offer at Sasser. At Sasser, we believe that by encouraging ongoing learning, we equip our team to exceed client expectations and to adapt to changes in the restoration industry.  

Want to Join?  

Growing our team’s development and skillset is something we strive to do consistently at Sasser. We actively strive toward creating a positive work environment and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, as we want to dedicate our efforts to the well-being of our team members. As our team continues to grow, we look forward to only welcoming more talented individuals who share our passion for servicing those in times of need. If you’re interested in a career with Sasser, check out our job listings and join us in being the expert helpers in times of need!