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From Research to Restoration: Floods

One benefit that history gives us is the ability to look at the past and learn from it. At Sasser Restoration, we are the experts in catastrophe recovery and have been studying the effects that floods, fires, hazardous materials disasters, severe storms and pandemics can have on businesses. 

This blog will focus on the steps that you can take after a severe storm, hurricane or flood to help restore your home or business. We’ve learned from Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Laura and other devastating storms that it’s best to be prepared ahead of time rather than reacting after it’s already happened. 

According to National Geographic, floods are responsible for an average of $6 billion in damages annually. Places all around the Gulf Coast like Florida and Texas are especially vulnerable to flooding especially after a significant hurricane. Here are a few tips to get back to business after a flood. 

  1. Don’t go back inside until authorities have deemed it safe to do so
  2. Call Sasser Restoration
  3. Call your insurance agent to inform them you will be filing a claim and that Sasser is on the way
  4. Sasser will work directly with your insurance company to determine a scope of the claim and begin mitigation ASAP

As a property owner, you have a legal responsibility to protect the property from additional damage and have the right to choose any company to mitigate the damage. This is why calling Sasser and starting mitigation as soon as possible is of critical importance. 

One thing we’ve learned after restoring numerous homes and businesses after a flood is that history repeats itself, if your home or business has flooded before, it’s likely to flood again. Be sure to take precautions to ensure that you’re prepared the next time a natural disaster that brings heavy rainfall and flood threats is predicted. 

When you join Sasser Restoration’s Green Light Priority Response Program, our team of experts will review historical data, get to know your business and understand your key operating procedures, build a priority response program customized for your business and monitor any impending natural disasters that may affect your operations. Our teams will stand ready to respond 24/7, 365. 

Your first response when disaster strikes and catastrophes are looming should be to call Sasser Restoration with code GREEN LIGHT.