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From Research to Restoration: Fires

At Sasser Restoration, we are the experts in catastrophe recovery and have been studying the effects that floods, fires, hazardous materials disasters, severe storms and pandemics can have on businesses for decades. As the United States is experiencing record high temperatures in various parts of the country, it’s important to assess the risks of wildfires disrupting your business operations. 

If your business does not yet have an emergency preparedness plan when it comes to wildfires, it’s time to create one. “As of July 13, 2021, the National Interagency Fire Center’s situation report listed a total of 33,953 wildfires across the country that had burned more than 2 million acres,” according to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. 

When a fire impacts your daily operations, it’s critical that you call in the experts at Sasser Restoration to help you mitigate the situation. Each fire situation is different and the steps taken to mitigate can vary based on the temperature of the fire, the firefighting methods and oxygen availability. Oftentimes, the steps taken to stop the inferno can cause more damage than the fire itself. 

Not only is it critical that you prepare your business for a fire by creating a defensible space, reducing the vegetative fuel, using noncombustible materials for signage, ensuring the fire hydrants are functional and choosing the right windows, but it’s also critical to ensure that your employees are aware of the business’ protocols. By doing so, you will create a safe environment for your employees and reduce the panic if and when a disaster strikes. 

OSHA requires that fire restoration workers use personal protective equipment (PPE), air scrubbers and isolation barriers to decrease the skin and respiration exposure to the damaged building. These precautions emphasize that cleaning up after a fire should be handled by Sasser Restoration’s professional team and not the home or business owner. (Source: Restoration Industry) 

Through Sasser’s Greenlight Priority Response program, we can help you create an emergency preparedness plan that is based on past history, near-miss data, current weather forecasts and our innovative technologies to create a strategic plan that will help your business return to normal as quickly and safely as possible after a disastrous fire. 

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that every 24 seconds a fire department in the United States responds to a fire. With record high temperatures and heat waves along the West Coast, wildfires have been blazing. If you’re in need of fire and smoke damage restoration or would like to set up an emergency preparedness plan for your business, get in touch with Sasser Restoration at Our teams are certified and trained to help bring your building back to life after a fire.