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Sasser Restoration Announces New Industry-Leading Parental Benefits

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides workers with up to 12 weeks of job-protected family leave if the employee meets the specified criteria. Despite FMLA being an option for mothers and fathers across the country, 66% of employees cannot afford to take this unpaid time away from work (Source: KBI Benefits).  In an effort to better care for its employees, Sasser Restoration recently announced new, industry-leading paid parental leave benefits.

Eligible, full-time, employees who give birth will receive three weeks of paid leave to recover from the birth and to bond with and care for their newborn. Other eligible, full-time, employees will receive one week of paid leave to bond with and care for their newborn/ adopted child. 

Both birthing and non-birthing employees will be paid at 100 percent of the eligible employee’s regular pay and must be used within 3 months of the birth or adoption of the child. By way of example, an eligible employee giving birth to a child would receive one week of paid non-birthing parental leave and three weeks of birthing parental leave for a total of four weeks paid leave. Furthermore, where state or federal law dictates benefits greater than the offerings of the company, the company will comply with the applicable law.

 “We are proud to offer this industry-leading benefit to our employees and provide them the opportunity to spend time with their child without worrying about the financial aspects of taking time away from work,” Houston Summers, partner at Sasser Restoration said. “When we care for our employees, we are able to better care for our clients and those around us.”

The tremendous growth at Sasser Restoration is fueling company-wide initiatives like this one. As a direct result of the work being accomplished at Sasser, Sasser Restoration has invested in new HR and financial reporting tools, increased pay across the board, and improved benefits over the last six months.

“We are working to ensure that Sasser has better earning opportunities, advancement, and benefits compared to any of our competitors, anywhere in the country. To that end, a wise man once said, “It is what you make it”. Simple, but profound. If we want Sasser to be a special place to work, we must all make it a special place; we all have a role to play by ensuring we collaboratively lead, humbly serve, and produce quality work all the time!” Summers said.