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Building Success: Sasser’s 2023 End of the Year Recap and Highlights 

Building Success: Sasser’s 2023 End of the Year Recap and Highlights 

As we say goodbye to yet another year, it’s safe to say 2023 has been one unique ride. From exciting events like the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup to national catastrophes, like the Canadian and Hawaiian wildfires. This year, like many others before, has had its ups and downs, but as always, we keep our head held high and look forward to the new year.  

Since its inception, our mission at Sasser Restoration has been to be the helpers in times of need so that people and communities can restore and rebuild their lives faster. Our team members live out the company’s mission through three core values: responsiveness, service, and quality.  

When disaster strikes, we prioritize being responsive to our customers to make sure they get the help they need fast. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers and put people first, no matter the circumstances. Finally, we provide our customers with quality work and get the job done right the first time.  

Throughout 2023, we experienced growth, new opportunities and found new ways to achieve our mission of being the expert helpers in times of need. As one of the nation’s leading commercial restoration companies, we are committed to serving our clients, our employees and our surrounding communities.  

Join us as we take a look back at the past three hundred and sixty-five days and as we look forward to a new year with the same commitment to quality, service and responsiveness.  

Serving Our Clients  

Over the past year, we have completed over 650 jobs in industries ranging from retail and distribution, commercial and industrial manufacturers, hospitality venues, healthcare and active retirement facilities, government municipalities and more.  

Because of our extensive fleet, expert team of restoration professionals and an expansive network of first responders across the country, we’ve been able to bring buildings back to life across the country in 13 different states this year. From New York to California and everywhere in between— there’s no catastrophe too big or too far that we can’t handle.  

Responding to Our Employees 

Over the past several years, we’ve taken strides toward bettering the lives of our employees and our benefits packages, including implementing a new paid parental leave policy.  

In addition to implementing new policies, we’re partnering with other organizations to hold ourselves accountable for putting our people first.  

This year, Sasser became the first and only restoration contractor in North Carolina to be recognized by the NC Institute of Medicine and NC Early Childhood Foundation as a Family-First Employer. This is one way that we are showing our commitment to supporting our employees and their families.  

Furthermore, we’ve continued in our goal to hire 25 veterans by 2025. As part of our 25 by 25 campaign, we’ve partnered with Operation Gratitude throughout the year. Through this partnership, our teams have had the opportunity to write thank you letters and provide items for care packages to our military and first responders.  

Improving Our Quality 

At Sasser, we’re always looking for ways that we can improve and better serve our clients with the highest quality of restoration work and customer service.  

With this in mind, we intentionally invested in our employees by implementing growth training seminars for our project executives, project managers and executive leadership team members so that they can better serve our clients.  

Additionally, we’ve encouraged and supported employees to attend educational classes to further their knowledge of best practices when it comes to mold remediation, healthcare restoration services and more.  

New Year, New Goals 

Though we accomplished a lot during 2023, we are excited for the new year and are looking forward to continue bringing buildings back to life! As we enter 2024, our commitment to being the expert helpers in times of need has never been stronger. We look forward to the opportunities to provide quality, service and responsiveness in this new year and for many more.