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Winter Break Readiness: How Schools Can Tackle this Holiday Break with Sasser Restoration 

As the holidays approach, facilities all over the country are facing several challenges brought by this chilly season, such as the hospitality industry or the healthcare industry. What many do not consider is that educational institutions are also incredibly vulnerable during this time of year. It’s important to note that emergencies like potential snowfall, icy weather conditions and freezing cold temperatures can cause a load of maintenance challenges. In addition to this, the absence of regular activities from both staff and students only increases the likelihood of these issues going unnoticed. 

 Due to these potential difficulties, it is incredibly important to have a plan of action and to assess these damages so that schools can be ready and prepared to open back up on time for the new year. This blog explores five different maintenance tips that schools can do over the winter break, and how Sasser Restoration can help make a difference when emergencies arise.  

Tip #1 – Have a Plan for How to Deal with Snow and Snow Removal 

            You will want to have a clear and concise plan for any snow or ice removal. This includes preventative care as well as post-care. Ensure that your school has a relatively large supply of de-icing tools, such as salt, or ensure that you have access to any tools you may need to remove any ice or snow.  

Tip #2 – Keep an Eye Out on the School’s Roofs for Snow and Ice Buildup 

            You want to check out your roof for any potential ice or snow buildup, as strong buildup   can cause severe roof damage and leaks. Make sure there is a proper inspection of the roof before, during, and after any severe weather. A proper inspection at any point can help prevent  serious damage.  

Tip #3 – Stay on Top of the School’s Air Conditioning and Heating Systems 

            It’s important to be on top of your HVAC systems, as having a well-functioning AC/Heating system can prevent freezing temperatures from damaging any functioning pipes. Frozen and burst pipes can lead to significant water damage further harming the building’s infrastructure, making it susceptible to microbial growth and forcing costly repairs.  

Tip #4 – Check the Plumbing Systems and Prepare for Any Harsh Weather Conditions 

            You will want to make sure there is a proper inspection of any of the school’s plumbing systems. This means looking into your pipes and ensuring that there are no cracks or leaks. This is especially important to inspect before any severe weather alerts, as this can be prevented.  

Tip #5 – Ensure That the School has Functioning Generators 

            There is always a possibility of facing severe weather, so it’s important to make sure any generators that the school has are functioning properly. Having a reliable source of power in case there is a power outage is necessary to make sure things like heating stay up and running.  

How Sasser Restoration Can Help 

In times like these, schools are incredibly vulnerable and need assistance to be back up and running for the new year. Luckily, here at Sasser Restoration, we have shown ourselves to be trusted partners in emergency preparedness for government and municipalities, some of the nation’s largest retailers, healthcare facilities and more. We provide many services, such as roof covering, temporary heat, water extracting, temporary generators for power, plumbing, water damage mitigation, and more. With our commitment to ensuring quick restoration, as well as being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can count on us to restore your institution.  

The significance of winter maintenance over the holiday break cannot be stressed enough. Throughout each year, there is always a new set of challenges that many never think of until it is too late. Emergencies don’t exempt anyone, so don’t wait. You can trust Sasser to help you out this winter season. With our experience and available resources, we can help you face any challenges coming your way. To check out more of our restoration services, you can call (844) 449-1144.