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Sasser Restoration Case Study: Insurance Brokerage

At Sasser Restoration, disaster mitigation begins before the disaster strikes. Our team works to measure, reduce and eliminate the impacts and risks of hazards by proactively analyzing disaster trends and response protocols. 

Here’s how an insurance brokerage benefitted from Sasser’s proactive mitigation and disaster response plans. 

Case Study: Insurance Brokerage 

A high-net-worth insurance brokerage was in need of understanding historical losses in the state of North Carolina in order to provide better coverage and service to their clients. Additional data was needed in order to help their clients more effectively design business continuity plans.

Sasser collected and analyzed historical claim data for the most recent 5-year period. After reviewing nearly 200,000 insurance claims, risk heat maps were constructed outlining categorical risks and loss volumes. Overall, $23.7 billion in losses were reviewed so that we could serve our client at the highest level. 

How Sasser Restoration Can Help You

It’s important that our team understands your priorities and unique needs. Every organization is different, and we know that a one-size-fits-all method does not work when it comes to disaster recovery; that’s why we issue an emergency protocol evaluation. This allows us to outline and update access and logistical protocols to ensure your organization’s recovery is as quick and seamless as possible. 

Our process doesn’t stop there. Sasser’s experts will review historical loss and near-miss data and highlight areas of improvement, potentially reducing risk exposures and saving you funds. 

Using thousands of location and insurance-based data points, we’ll help you find where resources can best be allocated and help you prepare for what’s coming. Through thorough research, insight gathering, risk assessment reviews and open dialogue, you will feel confident that a solid plan is in place for your organization. 

By having an emergency preparedness plan in place and being a part of Sasser Restoration’s Greenlight Priority Response program, your business will be prepared for any disaster. Contact our teams today at to see how we can help bring your buildings back to life.