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Recognizing Sasser Restoration’s Core Values Award Winners

At Sasser Restoration, our core values are a huge part of what makes Sasser a great place to work, and what inspires us to be the helpers in times of need. Our guiding light and daily focus on service, responsiveness, and quality set us apart from others within the restoration and construction industry.  

With that being said, we are proud to recognize the recipients of our Core Values Awards. All of these team members have gone above and beyond to live our core values and have made us all extremely proud to wear the Sasser name on our shirts.  

Service Award – Joseph Trujillo 

The service award is given to someone who puts others ahead of oneself and always approaches the task at hand with compassion.  

Joseph is proof that going above and beyond for our customers leads to better relationships and more opportunities. California’s team is growing in both numbers and in reputation thanks to Joseph’s efforts to treat our California partners like family, truly listen and serve their restoration needs.  

Responsiveness Award – Jason Faulkenberry 

The responsiveness award is given to the person who always answers the call to go the extra mile whenever needed. 

As an emergency services business, everyone knows responsiveness is one of the most important things we can offer to our customers and our teammates. We have each other’s backs when things get difficult and we show up for one another.  Jason joined the team in early 2023 and immediately hopped in to respond on day 1. Wherever we needed him, Jason was there, leading by example.  

Quality Award – Martin Bermudez 

The quality award is given to the person who always conducts work in the highest of standards.  

Sasser has the best and cleanest equipment in the industry, hands down. But this wouldn’t be the case without Martin. Martin has been providing quality craftsmanship with Sasser’s equipment for years. We appreciate the attention to detail that he has every day, and always with a smile. Martin raises the standard for everyone when it comes to doing a fantastic, high-quality job here at Sasser.  

Founders Award – Matt Lampert 

The founders award is given to the person who exemplifies an unyielding dedication to the company at all times.  

During the freeze event in December 2022, jobs were coming in at a rapid pace and over the holidays. Matt got to work and offered responsiveness, service and quality to our clients during this tumultuous time.

Because of his ability to take care of the customer during this time, Matt received the NQSC T.O.P. Award from Dean McDermott at High Point University for customer service and “for going above and beyond in offering help and support to a colleague.”  

Photo of the NQSC T.O.P. Award given to Matt Lampert from High Point University

Matt embodies what it means to be a Sasser leader and demonstrates our founding principles with both his actions and his words. 

Responsiveness, Service and Quality 24/7, 365 

Our core values are the driving force behind everything we do, and we are proud to have employees who live out these core values each and every day. Congratulations to these award winners and thank you all for your commitment to being the helpers in times of need so that people and communities can restore and rebuild their lives faster.