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Meet the Team: Joseph Trujillo

“We can only grow as fast as the people around us will allow us to grow,” Houston Summers, partner at Sasser Restoration said. 

This speaks to the importance of having industry leaders, visionaries and go-getters as part of the Sasser team. Without exceptional people answering the call to service, Sasser would not be able to respond in a moment’s notice to catastrophic disasters across the United States. 

This work requires exceptional people like Joseph Trujillo. 

After being born and raised in California, Joseph moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana after high school and entered into the construction industry. When work would get slow in the construction industry, his former company would work as subs for a restoration company. This is where Joseph was first introduced to the world of restoration, mitigation and disaster recovery. 

Joseph spoke about the benefits he has experienced by choosing this career path. “There are a lot of jobs you can choose from in this world, but some of them won’t lead you very far. If you pay attention in the restoration field, you can make a worthwhile career out of it.”

Throughout his career, he has been afforded many opportunities, earned promotions, and become a subject matter expert. 

“I can gladly say that I have either touched or dabbled in any of the services that a restoration company can offer,” he said. “Anything from commercial air duct cleaning to asbestos abatement, lead removal, mold mitigation— anything we can offer, I have done it.”

Additionally, Joseph has earned numerous certifications including his ASD certification, water certification, asbestos supervisor certification, fire certification, carpet cleaning certification and confined space certification. 

He has been an integral part of the Sasser Restoration-West team since the summer of 2021 and has played a pivotal role in the company’s exponential growth. 

“When I first started at Sasser Restoration, I was a working project manager. So, I was the one who would address the call, be on-site, work the job and then do all of the backend project management work as well,” he said. 

Now, a year and a half later, Joseph has a team of 6 employees working under him, and he is able to focus on his role as a project manager by ensuring his team is set up for success and his clients are receiving the highest quality of service. 

But he couldn’t do this alone. 

He says how everyone on the team has “stepped up to the plate and given whatever is needed from them.” The culture at Sasser Restoration-West is one where people are encouraged to speak up, ask questions and help one another achieve success. An “open door policy” allows people to seek help when needed and work together to provide the highest quality of service to the clients.

“Coming to work feels really good. It feels like I’m coming to a second home, not like I’m just at another job,” he said. 

Sasser Restoration-West continues to grow and has big things in store for 2023. Above all, Joseph and the rest of the team at Sasser Restoration-West will continue to offer responsiveness, service and quality to its clients 24/7, 365 days a year.