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Meet the Team: Ben Hedrick, Veteran & Restoration Supervisor

Our nation’s heroes are known for their bravery, their service, their sacrifice, their leadership and their responsiveness. These are many of the same qualities that we strive to be known for at Sasser Restoration. 

For this reason, amongst many others, Sasser Restoration is proud to hire our nation’s heroes and work alongside these veterans bringing buildings back to life day after day. 

One of Sasser’s veteran employees is Ben Hedrick, Lead Mitigation Technician. Prior to joining the Sasser Restoration team, Ben served in the US Navy for 8 years.  While speaking of his time spent in the Navy, he explains how that time in his life helped him develop leadership skills that he uses on a daily basis with Sasser. 

“Serving as an E6 in the Navy, I was definitely a leader and I learned leadership aspects of how to work as a team,” he said. 

These leadership qualities show when he is on a job site responding to a large water loss, fire loss or a mold mitigation job. “What I enjoy most about my job now is fixing the problems that people have,” he said. “ Before coming to work with Sasser, I had zero experience in the restoration industry but I have had a lot of good mentors here who have helped with the learning curve. Since joining the team in December 2021, I feel confident in my abilities and that I am able to do my job well and serve others.”

By working with one of the nation’s leading disaster response teams, Ben and other veterans are able to continue their call of service and meet the needs of those in vulnerable positions. After a fire, flood, hurricane or other natural disasters, Sasser Restoration’s team is ready to respond at a moment’s notice, to go into action and be the doers in times of need. 

Sasser Restoration is committed to hiring our nation’s heroes and providing opportunities for veterans to take the next step in their careers. With a goal of hiring 25 veterans by 2025, our service men and women are given the opportunity to continue their careers of service and be the do-ers in times of need. 

If you are a veteran who is interested in working within the restoration and general construction industry with Sasser Restoration, you can view the open positions by visiting