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The Steps to Fire Restoration

House fires are more common than you might think. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a fire department responded to a fire on average every 23 seconds in 2020. These house fires caused an average of $32,430 in property loss (Insurance Information Institute). 

Our team has been called on-site to restore commercial buildings after fire & smoke damage and we’ve also been called to homes after house fires. In each situation, we have seen the damage that fire, smoke, soot and the water used to put out the fire can cause. 

In order to restore the building back to its pre-fire condition, our team will work closely with you, your insurance company and the proper authorities to make the process as seamless as possible. 

The Fire Restoration Process

Step 1: Call Sasser Restoration 

No matter the time of day, Sasser Restoration is ready to respond to your call. If your home or business catches fire in the middle of the night, you can call Sasser Restoration and our team will be on-site to begin the restoration process once it is deemed safe by the proper authorities. 

Step 2: The Inspection

After the property is deemed safe by the proper authorities, Sasser Restoration will survey the damage and create an action plan to restore your home to pre-fire condition. Even if the fire is contained to one area of the building, the smoke and soot could have traveled throughout the building. During this phase, it will be imperative for our team to work closely with you, your insurance company and local authorities. 

Step 3: Prevent Further Damage

Often times fires can cause damage to the roof, windows and other structural parts of the building. Sasser Restoration will board up any windows or openings in the building as well as tarp the roof when necessary. This step is crucial to prevent any additional damage that could be caused. 

Step 4: Water Extraction & Drying 

It may come to your surprise but often times the steps taken to put out the fire can cause more damage than the fire itself. According to a 15-year study published by the Scottsdale Report, a fire sprinkler uses an average of 341 gallons of water to control a fire. Additionally, firefighters use an average of 2,935 gallons of water to extinguish a fire. This massive amount of water will need to be removed and the structure properly dried during the fire restoration process. Sasser Restoration will bring in a supply of air movers, air scrubbers, desiccants, dehumidifiers, and other equipment in order to properly and thoroughly dry the structure. 

Step 5: Smoke, Soot & Odor Removal 

After the structure has been stabilized, water has been removed, and the building is properly dried, the Sasser Restoration team will move on to smoke, soot and odor removal. Sasser Restoration has the proper training, tools and equipment to remove the smoke, soot and odor from your home to prevent stains and lingering effects.

Step 6: Clean Up

Next, our team will properly clean and sanitize the home and contents. Our team will work with you to find what is salvageable within the home or business and help you create a plan for how to move forward. Rest assured, you won’t be doing this alone. We have vast experience working with insurance companies through these emergency scenarios and can help you navigate the entire process. 

Step 7: Reconstruction

Finally, the part you’ve been looking forward to most. After your life is turned upside down from the fire, the reconstruction is when you will be able to see your building come back to life. Sasser Restoration offers reconstruction services so you don’t have to search for a new contractor to handle this portion of the project. Our team will work with you to rebuild your home exactly as you’d like. 

Moving Forward After A Fire

House fires can be devastating and can turn your life upside down for an extended period of time. It is our job to come in and be the helpers in your time of need. We understand the value of a home, the safety and assurance it brings and the vulnerability you feel in the moment when you see the flames. 

The Sasser Restoration team will be there to answer any questions you have and ensure that you can return to normalcy as quickly as possible.