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Maintaining Business During The Holiday Season: Three Challenges the Retail Industry Faces and How Sasser Can Help  

The Impact of Emergencies During the Holidays for the Retail Industry 

Your to-do list around the holiday season seems never ending. You’re likely wrapping up year-end projects at work, decorating your home with Christmas cheer and juggling your family’s schedule. And in the midst of all this, you’re also shopping for that perfect gift for everyone on your list.  

Did you know it’s estimated that in 2023, a total of around $957 billion will be spent for the holiday season in retail stores? 

Yes, you read that right. In fact, in 2022, more than 122.7 million people shopped in stores over Thanksgiving weekend and retail stores brought in over $936 billion in revenue during the holiday season.  

As a consumer, you may be shocked by that number and the part you play in it, but as a retail store owner, manager, or operator, you realize the significant impact this time of year has on your business’s bottom line.  

This is one reason why it is crucial for businesses to stay operational during this peak season. Any emergency that leads to a temporary closing this time of year can cause a huge loss for retail stores. In addition to this, with the surge of customers and production during the holidays, operational downtime becomes a lurking concern for many. 

If you think an emergency would never happen at your business, think again.  

Three Common Problems that Retailers Face During the Holidays 

Problem 1: Harsh Winter Weather  

Harsh weather such as snow or ice storms can lead to an abundance of issues. Icy roads could lead to product transportation issues, snowfall can cause power outages which could impact internet access and overall electricity. Freezing temperatures could lead to burst pipes that could cause water damage. The list goes on. These harsh weather challenges could create a domino effect, as they can affect supply chains with transportation delays, disrupt online operations due to potential internet outages, and could risk product damage from burst pipes. Navigating through these obstacles becomes a key factor in maintaining business operations this time of year.

Problem 2: Finding Microbial Growth in Your Store or Warehouse 

Finding mold growth in your store or warehouse facility could mean a loss of inventory, delays in production and shipping, temporary closures and serious health risks to your employees. This can happen at any time of year due to excess moisture, the right humidity levels, and many other factors that sometimes seem out of your control.  

Problem 3: Property Destruction 

Property destruction can happen regardless of what time of year it is, but it becomes a larger risk during peak business season. Most people are Christmas shopping this time of year, and with the abundance of shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores, the potential for accidental or intentional property damage increases.  

Sasser Restoration’s Role in Supporting Retailers Through the Holiday Rush 

As you can see, anything could happen that could lead to a pause in your operations, and it’s important to be prepared in case these emergencies occur.  

Sasser’s 24/7 emergency services are designed to minimize downtime and restore normalcy to your business operations. With quick response times, an experienced team, and expert restoration services for water, fire and mold damage, you can trust Sasser to be the expert helpers in times of need. To learn more about the restoration services we offer to retailers across the country, visit or call (844) 449-1144.