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Big Buildings Mean Big Problems

Big buildings mean big problems. Whether you’re a business owner who uses warehouse space for storage or for part of your production operations, you’ve likely encountered at least one “big problem.”

For many, microbial growth is one of the biggest problems that occur in warehouses. The bigger issue then is that all of the materials you are storing in the warehouse become exposed to this microbial growth. The bigger, bigger problem is that all of the employees you have working inside the warehouses are also exposed to microbial growth and bacteria. 

As an IICRC-certified company with many IICRC-certified employees on our team, Sasser Restoration can safely and effectively stabilize the area and mitigate mold damage by using the most advanced tools and equipment in the industry.

5 Principles of Mold Remediation 

No matter the size of the job, there are five basic principles that Sasser Restoration follows for Mold Remediation:

  1. Provide for the safety and health of workers and occupants.
  2. Document conditions and the work processes.
  3. Control the contaminant at its source.
  4. Physically remove the contamination (Source Removal).
  5. Correct the moisture problem to prevent recontamination.

With these five principles in mind, Sasser Restoration has worked in warehouses covering thousands of square feet, providing containment, mitigation and restoring the structure to its pre-loss condition. 

In order to complete these large-loss commercial restoration projects, it’s crucial that Sasser Restoration have the highest industry-standard technologies and equipment on hand from generators to air movers to desiccants, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. 

By utilizing these technologies paired with an elite team of certified restoration experts, there is no warehouse or building too big with a loss too large that Sasser Restoration can’t handle. 

Case Study: Commercial Warehouse

Recently, Sasser Restoration completed two large-loss projects for commercial warehouse facilities in Mississippi and Missouri. In both cases, microbial growth was present and Sasser Restoration stepped in to remediate and restore the building to its pre-loss condition. 

In Mississippi, over 500,000 square feet of commercial warehouse space required containment. In order to meet this need, Sasser set up eight separate contaminants for the project. 

Throughout the job, there were over 100 workers on site managing 50 million cubic feet of air under environmental conditioning. 

In Missouri, with environmental temperatures ranging from -3 degrees to over 100 degrees, Sasser set up 50 contaminants with a 99.9% first test pass ratio. Over 50 workers were present on site and all work was conducted with no stoppage to the normal daily operations for the distribution center. 

Ready to Bring Your Building Back to Life?

No matter where your business is located within the United States and no matter the size of the loss, Sasser Restoration is equipped to bring your building back to life. You can learn more about our commercial restoration services by calling (844) 449-1144 or visiting