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Restoring Kindness with Sasser Restoration

At Sasser Restoration, it is our mission to be the helpers in times of need so that people and communities can rebuild and restore their lives. Sometimes this means we respond in the middle of the night to a catastrophic loss; other times, we simply go out of our way to make a difference in the mundane of everyday life.  

This month, Sasser Restoration is proud to participate in an initiative spearheaded by C&R Magazine called Restoring Kindness.  

This initiative is created to restore kindness to those around us while expecting nothing in return. Each week during the month of May, Sasser Restoration will be focusing on a different way that we can restore kindness to those around us including our active military, the surrounding communities, our clients and employees. 

“There are opportunities all around us to restore kindness, restore hope, and restore someone’s faith in the world around them; we just have to keep our eyes open,” said Miguel Figueroa III, Chief Strategy Officer at Sasser Restoration. 

“At Sasser, it’s our mission to be the helpers in times of need and that help can come in many forms. Whether we’re helping a local business after a water loss or helping a neighbor carry their groceries to their car— we’re here to restore kindness and be the helpers,” Figueroa said. 

The mission of Restoring Kindness is to inspire companies and individuals to live each day with purpose by loving and serving local communities through acts of kindness, expecting nothing in return. We are proud to partner with Restoring Kindness, join forces in this mission and do our part to Restore Kindness in our corner of the world.