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Meet Nick Hayat: Project Executive for Sasser Restoration- Central

In order to bring responsiveness, service and quality to every job, it’s crucial that Sasser hires the right people for the job— this is especially true of project executives. Project executives are typically responsible for project planning, team management, communication with key stakeholders and play an integral role in the company’s operations. Because of the nature of this role and Sasser’s emphasis on creating an elite team of first responders, you can trust that our project executives are the best of the best.  

This includes Nick Hayat, a new project executive for Sasser Restoration- Central.  

Nick is no stranger to the restoration industry and has been in the field for nearly two decades. It was his brother-in-law who first introduced him to the business. Over the years, he has held a variety of positions including helper, crew chief, production manager, sales lead, general manager and now project executive. In each of these roles, he has gained experience that has shaped his knowledge and understanding of the industry— but he understands there’s always more for him to learn.  

One of the most important lessons he has learned throughout his career is to “be open and teachable.” This humble approach has contributed to his success and rise in the industry. He also spoke about the importance of, “being patient and knowing that it did take me 17 years to get where I am.” This mindset helps Nick be a strong leader for his team.  

When asked what it is that keeps Nick engaged in his work and why he continues to pursue this career, he shared that it is because he enjoys helping others in need. Supporting people who have been in catastrophes and helping them get back on their feet is a big reason why Hayat loves what he does. He talked about the progress of seeing people go “from down and out to slowly but surely getting back to pre-loss condition.”  

Nick’s personal value of helping others goes hand in hand with Sasser’s mission of being the helpers in times of need so that people and communities can rebuild and restore their lives faster. With Nick as part of the Sasser Restoration – Central team in Fort Worth, Texas, we are confident he will be able to make a difference in the lives of our clients and those in the DFW community.