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Meet Elizabeth Scotty: Sasser Restoration’s Summer Marketing Intern

Internships are typically a transactional deal between a person trying to gain an understanding of a profession or industry and a company being able to provide that experience. At Sasser, we are privileged to provide an internship program where young students can grow their knowledge and get a taste of working in the real world. Not only do internships provide Sasser with innovative ideas, new backgrounds, and unique problem-solving concepts, but it also gives an opportunity for the intern to learn in a new atmosphere. Through these programs, interns can gain practical knowledge and apply what they have learned in their academic studies to real-world situations. Internship programs often offer mentorship and training, enabling interns to grow both personally and professionally. 

Sasser is proud to have two interns on the team this summer, one of whom is Elizabeth Scotty. Scotty is a rising fifth-year student-athlete at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pursuing a degree from the Hussman School of Journalism and Media with a concentration in public relations and advertising as well as a secondary major in political science.  

As the marketing intern, one of Scotty’s primary responsibilities has been to create engaging and informative social media content for Sasser’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. At first, this was challenging due to her novice in the industry. “The restoration industry is something I was not too familiar with heading into the internship,” she said. “However, after researching and doing SEO work, I have been able to find the best keywords and produce more foot traffic on the company’s social media accounts.” 

In addition to social media content creation, Scotty has played an integral role in Sasser’s lead generation by developing a unique website strategy. Through this project, she has researched and created content, designed the layout, worked on the logo, hand-picked the images, and improved the overall user experience. “I wouldn’t say I’m a website designer, but I am proud of the work I’ve produced for the website,” she said. “It highlights the key elements in our strategy, and I believe it to be informative and helpful to our users.” 

Sasser’s mission is to be the helpers in times of need so that people and communities can restore and rebuild their lives faster. With Scotty’s help within the marketing department, we have been able to reach more people in need and provide responsiveness, service and quality.

We are excited to see Elizabeth’s academic and professional career continue and look forward to the content she will create in the future.