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10 Reasons Why Emergency Preparedness is Crucial in the Multi-Family Industry

Dealing with the aftermath of a large loss in a multi-family property can be overwhelming. That’s why our team at Sasser Restoration is here to provide professional and efficient restoration services for multi-family buildings.

From water damage to fire damage, we have the expertise to handle any type of restoration job. Hurricanes, snow storms, burst pipes, vandalism, microbial growth and fires— these types of disasters can happen at any time, and when they do, you’ll want to know someone who you can trust to bring your building back to life. 

Here are 10 of the top reasons why it’s crucial for a multi-family property to have an emergency preparedness plan in place that deals with large loss restoration. 

  1. Multi-family properties house a significant number of people, which means that the impact of a large loss can be devastating for many families and individuals. In fact, according to the National Apartment Association, nearly 39 million people in the United States call an apartment home. 
  1. A large loss can compromise the structural integrity of the building and pose safety hazards to tenants and staff. Nearly 39 million people rely on apartment buildings to offer a place of comfort, shelter and safety— storms can threaten the security of millions if not handled properly. 
  1. Restoration services can help prevent further damage to the property and reduce the risk of secondary issues such as mold growth. The last thing you want to do is put a bandaid on an issue only to have the problem get worse over time. 
  1. Restoration companies have the expertise and equipment to properly assess the damage and develop a customized plan to address the specific needs of the property. The types of damages that can occur as a result of a catastrophic disaster require specialized equipment and mitigation processes. Working with teams who are certified, equipped and trained to handle these types of disasters is the first step toward restoration. 
  1. Timely restoration services can minimize downtime and reduce the financial impact of the loss for the property owner. As a property manager or owner, you understand not only the importance of restoring home for the families inside the buildings but also the financial and business operations side. Reducing downtime and restoring normalcy is a driving factor in the work we do. 
  1. Large loss events can result in significant financial losses for property owners and property management companies. Restoration services can help mitigate these losses by efficiently repairing and restoring the property. By minimizing downtime and reducing the need for extensive repairs, restoration helps limit the financial impact of the large loss event.
  1. Proper restoration can help to preserve the value of the property and prevent long-term damage that could result in costly repairs or replacement. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse before you call Sasser Restoration. Having an emergency preparedness plan in place and an established relationship with Sasser Restoration will guarantee a response at a moment’s notice so that you can address problems quickly before they escalate. 
  1. Sasser Restoration can provide 24/7 emergency response to ensure that the property is secured and any immediate safety hazards are addressed. You can’t predict when a disaster will happen, so you have to be prepared at all times. 
  1. Sasser Restoration’s team of elite professionals works closely with property management and insurance companies to ensure that the restoration process is as seamless and efficient as possible. It’s our job to bring your building back to life so that you can return to a life of normalcy as quickly as possible. 
  1. The safety and well-being of the tenants and staff should always be the top priority in the event of a large loss, and restoration services play a crucial role in ensuring that everyone is safe and the property is restored to its pre-loss condition.

There are numerous other reasons why it’s important for multi-family properties to have an emergency preparedness plan and work with Sasser Restoration for large loss restoration projects. To learn more about the Sasser difference and the ways that our team is ready and able to help bring your buildings back to life, call (844) 449-1144 or email