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The Sasser Restoration Process For Disaster Mitigation

When a disaster strikes, it’s imperative that you respond quickly to ensure that no further damage occurs. Sasser Restoration’s focus on disaster mitigation allows us to join you in your efforts to lessen the impact of the disaster. Whether your home or business has suffered fire, smoke, water or storm damage, our teams can help. 

The Sasser approach to confronting disaster mitigation is to stabilize, mitigate and restore. Through years of experience, industry-leading technologies, and predictive analytics, we are able to find the best solution for your emergency and bring your building back to life.  

Sasser Restoration is equipped to assist with a variety of disastrous situations, such as fire & smoke, mold, water & storm and biohazard & trauma. 

Fire & Smoke Mitigation

Research has shown that over 100,000 commercial businesses suffer fire damage annually and can cost owners over $2.4 billion per year. Assessing the damage and responding swiftly is paramount to ensure that no further damage or costs are accumulated. Sasser Restoration’s response to a fire begins as soon as the property is deemed safe by the proper authorities. 

As an acidic byproduct of the fire, smoke is capable of corroding and staining walls and other valuable contents. It is often the case that the steps taken to stop the fire can cause more damage than the fire itself. 

Mold Mitigation 

If your home or business has experienced mold growth, it’s likely due to water damage. According to the EPA, molds have the potential to cause health problems such as allergic reactions, fever-type symptoms, sneezing, runny nose, skin rash and more. Keeping your family members and employees safe is our top concern as we work to remove the mold. Sasser always uses third-party testing and post-remediation verification clearance tests to confirm the presence and successful remediation of microbial growth. Our indoor hygienists write protocols that have been used to mitigate microbial issues in homes and businesses both in our backyard and around the country.

Our teams understand that in order to restore your home or business after it has experienced a mold problem, it’s not just enough to clean the contaminated area and verify its cleanliness with independent, third-party testing, but to resolve the root issue that caused the problem in the first place. Sasser will help ensure the problem doesn’t reoccur with waterproofing, environment control, and industry-leading reconstruction.

Water & Storm Mitigation

Whether your home or business has experienced water damage due to a severe storm, burst or frozen pipe, or hurricane, our team can help. With the ability to take action at a moment’s notice and with the leading restoration technologies at our fingertips, we’ll be on our way with air movers, dehumidifiers, generators and more. You can see how our teams were able to mobilize and help bring buildings back to life in Texas after a devastating winter storm here. 

Biohazard & Trauma Mitigation

Disasters of any kind can strike at any moment, including biohazard and trauma disasters. Our teams are trained to safely clean and remove hazardous substances and properly dispose of them in accordance with government, OSHA, and health regulations. 

When you find yourself faced with a disaster, give the team at Sasser Restoration a call. With an emergency preparedness plan in place, an industry-leading mobile fleet and command center in route and the expert team at Sasser Restoration leading the way, you can be rest assured that your building will be brought back to life.