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Safety First at Sasser Restoration

Safety first! The nature of what we do every day could be dangerous if not done with the proper precautions and training. In fact, OSHA classified the top four construction hazards as “The Fatal Four”; these four hazards are falls, struck-by, caught-in/between and electrocutions. 

At Sasser Restoration, our teams undergo appropriate trainings, certifications and processes to ensure everyone is safe on the job at all times. Leading the way in Sasser safety is Randy Phillips, Manager of Safety and Transportation. 

Randy began his career in construction when he was just a teenager out of high school. He joined the Sasser Restoration team in 2010 and served as the construction superintendent. In 2015, he transitioned over to the safety team where he stayed until August of 2020. Randy then took a brief hiatus and rejoined the Sasser Restoration team in February of 2022 as the Manager of Safety and Transportation. 

In this role, Randy oversees the safety trainings, visits job sites to ensure our teams are following safety protocols, watches after the fleet and works with Kevin Brown in the warehouse to ensure all of the equipment is where it is supposed to be.    

“We do all of the regulatory training that OSHA regulates,” he said. This includes CPR, blood-borne pathogen trainings, ladder training, fall protection training, and others. The US Department of Labor emphasizes the importance of safety trainings to not only keep all employees safe and avoid creating hazards but to always find safer ways to do the jobs that need to be done. 

Sasser Restoration prides itself on being a leading disaster response team in the nation, and we believe that is not only due to our outstanding responsiveness, service and quality, but because we lead in every facet of the business— including safety. 

Randy plays a critical role at Sasser Restoration as he not only works to make sure all of our employees can go home at night and “grow old and grey” as he says, but also to improve the systems that are already in place. 

Throughout his career, he has taken classes from the Department of Labor, Safety and Health Council of North Carolina, Advanced Manager of Environmental Safety and Health Programs, and has volunteered with the IICRC. All of his extensive knowledge and experience are used on a daily basis to make Sasser a safer place to work. 

With the proper training, protocols, equipment and continuing education, Sasser Restoration prioritizes safety at every level, on every job site, in every office and in every vehicle.