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Meet Danette Rodriguez, Project Accountant at Sasser Restoration-West

Sasser’s core value of service can take on many different forms. 

For someone in our finance department, this may look like creating improved processes, for our project managers this may look like continued education and on-the-job training while for others, it can look like an outstanding commitment to our clients. 

Danette Rodriguez, Project Accountant at Sasser Restoration-West, is driven by the opportunity to serve others in her role. 

“I feel like I am contributing to a larger purpose and serving the community at Sasser Restoration. I feel like that’s what Sasser is about— to support and serve our community,” she said.

Her day is mainly spent supporting Sasser Restoration-West’s Senior Vice President, Vice President and others on the team to ensure they have everything they need to do their jobs successfully. Additionally, Danette plays an integral part in creating jobs, invoicing and billing. 

Before joining the team at Sasser Restoration, Danette worked in transactional law. But after the pandemic hit, things changed and Danette started looking for a new opportunity. She had never worked in the restoration industry before but has taken the initiative to learn and better herself during her time at Sasser. 

The leadership at the company has also invested in Danette and helped her to grow in her career. “David and Jerry have taught me so much in such a short time. I didn’t know restoration and mitigation. I didn’t know T&M or Xcelerate, but now I do. I jumped right in, determined to learn what I needed to do to perform the job.”

In addition to the opportunity to serve people, Danette is also driven by the people around her. 

“You walk in the door and you automatically feel welcomed. I can tell you that we are a family here. There’s not a day that goes by that the techs don’t come in, give me a hug and tell me to have a great day.”

Sasser Restoration- West prides itself on having a cohesive team and working together to bring buildings back to life for its clients. Once a month Sasser Restoration-West’s team has a team-building activity like bowling or a meal. “We all bowl, have a good time, laugh, and share different stories. It brings us together and allows us to engage with each other. This is my Sasser family, and I love it.”

Danette says this is her last career move, and we are honored to bring buildings back to life with her. If you are looking for a career that serves a bigger purpose, Sasser Restoration may be the right opportunity. You can apply online by clicking here.