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Get to Know Kevin Brown, Warehouse Manager at Sasser Restoration

The Boy Scout’s motto is to always be prepared, and at Sasser Restoration, we like to adopt that motto in our own way. Our team recognizes the importance of being prepared for anything because we never know when a disaster will strike. 

When your home is flooding, a tornado takes out your building, sewage overflows into your apartment complex or Covid-19 spreads like rapid-fire throughout your office, you need immediate action, and we are ready to respond. 

Sasser Restoration is able to go into action at a moment’s notice because of the hard work, precision and dedication of incredible team members— team members like Kevin Brown. 

Kevin joined the team in 2019 as Warehouse Manager and has been an invaluable asset ever since. Previously working for retail companies like Stihl and Sears, he did not have restoration experience, but he did know his way around a warehouse. 

“This was completely new to me. There was a lot of learning when I first got here but I took it day-by-day and have learned what each item does.” 

Now, three years later, Kevin is an expert in the field and his days are spent ensuring that our teams are ready to meet the needs of our clients whenever they call. 

As the Warehouse Manager, Kevin is responsible for knowing what is on every truck, what is in the warehouse, and what has been ordered at any given time. This may seem simple, but with roughly 50,000 square feet of warehouse space, 1,000 fans, 200 dehumidifiers, 200 air scrubbers and countless other tools and equipment needed to do the job well, it becomes a more complicated task. 

Not to mention, these numbers only reflect the equipment in the North Carolina headquarters and do not include the ample equipment in our California or Texas offices. From the height of every ladder to the number of safety vests packed away on every truck, Kevin knows every detail. 

Each morning Kevin surveys the situation, ensures the mitigation team has what they need to start the day and prepares for tomorrow. He orders supplies, keeps track of inventory, stays organized and always puts the needs of his client before himself. 

Whether it’s the middle of the night, a weekend or even a holiday, Kevin and his team deliver responsiveness, service and quality to each and every client. 

When disaster strikes and panic ensues, you’ll want to call a team you can trust- a team you know is organized, prepared and ready to help. That team is Sasser. The work that Kevin does is an integral part to Sasser Restoration’s operations, and we are incredibly grateful for his dedication to the task at hand.