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Raul Escobar-Quezada on How Sasser Restoration Employees Stay Above Par

Since the time he was a sophomore in high school, Raul Escobar-Quezada has been working in the restoration and construction industry. When he first started out, he worked during the summers alongside his dad as a field technician doing residential repairs with a focus on tile flooring, carpentry and kitchen remodels.  

Since then, he continued to build his career, gain more experience and push himself to learn different aspects of the job. He took on more administrative work and realized that he wanted to deepen his knowledge of estimating.  

With this desire, he began to seek the advice of friends, colleagues and others in the industry who would be willing to help him learn and get his footing in this new role.  

This desire for self-improvement, collaboration and hard work has been apparent in Raul throughout his career and even today as an Estimator for Sasser Restoration.  

One way that he continues to sharpen his skills, build relationships with others and be a resource for others is through his participation in the Restoration Golf League.  

The Restoration Golf League welcomes those who are involved in the insurance restoration industry and are looking to build strong business relationships. By fostering these relationships through golf tournaments and other events, members are able to connect with one another in a unique way.  

“I really enjoy getting to meet people from all different walks of life including different entrepreneurs and business owners,” Raul said. He went on to explain how the Restoration Golf League is family-oriented and because of this culture, people are able to freely share their expertise and help others who are looking to learn and grow in their careers.  

“The restoration industry, even though it looks big, is a small niche of people,” he said. Raul went on to explain how the Restoration Golf League provides a place to interact with people in this niche and build those relationships.  

Another aspect of the Restoration Golf League Raul particularly enjoys is being able to “carry the Sasser flag.” 

“Part of my participation, too, is I’m very happy here at Sasser and am grateful for the opportunities I’ve been afforded. Whatever I can do to hold the Sasser flag throughout the league— that’s the goal. It’s important for me to keep a good attitude and show respect toward others.” 

Team members at Sasser are constantly looking to foster relationships and build connections throughout the industry and the community. If you’re interested in learning more about Sasser or connecting with one of our team members, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn or reach out at